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Energy Statements

Energy Statements are required by local planning authorities to demonstrate how proposed developments are meeting their policies for energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction.  An energy statement will demonstrate how the development will address energy supply and incorporate energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies by using the Energy Hierarchy.  This seeks to:

1. Improve the building fabric in order to reduce the demand for energy and CO2 emissions such as using the sun for natural heat and light and providing high levels of insulation (be lean);

2. Supply energy efficiently and from low carbon sources such as combined heat and power (CHP)(be clean); and

3. Use renewable energy such as photovoltaics, ground and air source heat pumps to further reduce CO2 emissions (be green).

Isambard Environmental are able to prepare the necessary calculations for baseline energy usage, assessments of energy efficiency measures and recommend suitable renewable energy technology which will achieve the necessary reduction in CO2 emissions as required by the appropriate authority.

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